Apple (NASQ:AAPL) and Amazon (AMZNF:AMzn) are the top two selling retailers of mystery boxes, according to a new report.

Amazon and Apple each posted record sales of $2.3 billion and $1.7 billion for mystery boxes this year, according a new survey by the marketing research firm Marketing Land.

The top two retailers are Apple and Amazon, which both had sales of nearly $1 billion, according the survey.

Amazon had more than 40 million mystery boxes and Apple sold around 6.3 million.

Apple is currently the No. 3 seller, while Amazon has fallen behind on the list.

“The trend is for retailers to sell more than one mystery box, and this is what’s happening to Apple and Apple customers,” Marketing Land CEO David Zaslavsky said in a statement.

“Amazon and eBay are also making good on their promise to give their customers a mystery box every time they shop.”

Amazon has been one of the most prolific sellers of mystery box merchandise.

The company sells about 3.3 millions mystery boxes per month, a record for the online retailer.

Apple, meanwhile, has sold about 1.7 million mystery box products per month since September 2015, according data from market research firm IDC.

The number of mystery sales on Amazon and Apple are similar.

The company is also expanding its assortment of mystery products with the release of the new Apple Pay and Android Pay devices.

The devices will launch in November.