Ghanaian national football team player Hassan Oram is not only an important figure in the team’s development, but is also the first player to receive the prestigious honor.

Oram, 25, became a hero of Ghanaians soccer fanatics during the 2014 World Cup in South Africa.

He was instrumental in the Ghana team’s victory over archrival South Africa in the quarterfinals.

Orams first goal of the match came during Ghana’s 1-0 victory over the Netherlands in the first leg of the semifinal.

The goal came after the Dutch defender was sent off.

Oram scored the second goal in the final minute of the game.

Oran, 27, scored Ghana’s first goal in World Cup qualifying on Wednesday, October 2 against Nigeria.

The two goals were the first of Oram’s career.

Oren, a right-back, is one of the stars of Ghana’s World Cup squad, which will compete in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The Ghanaian team is hoping to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, the final tournament for the nation of 4.3 million.

The goal of Ghanaian World Cup players, Oram and Oran, has been a source of controversy.

Some have questioned Oram for his role in the national team’s recent struggles.

Oren, who is now the first Ghanaian player to have his nickname bestowed on him by Ghanaians, has faced criticism for his performances during the World Cup and the World Cups qualifying games.

Orona was not the only Ghanaian star to receive a name change in the World Champions Cup.

Toni Kroos, who scored the opening goal for Germany in the 2015 World Cup final, was given the moniker “Kroos” while his teammate Thiago Silva was named “Silva” during his time with Germany.

The World Cup is a chance for Ghanaians to prove themselves as one of world’s best soccer nations.

Ghanaians have the chance to play in front of millions of people around the world and represent the country in front a large audience.