A mystery novelist has revealed her true life story in a stunning essay for The Lad bible.

The story of Lila, whose real name is Keshia, is one of many stories revealed in the latest edition of The Lad.

The author of the book is Kishore Khera.

In the book, Lila tells the story of how she fell into a dark world.

She became a teacher in her native Gujarat, and in 2004 she married a man from a village in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, she said.

But when she returned to her village, she found that her husband had been killed by a mob in the village, the author said.

“After that, I decided to follow my passion,” Lila told the Lad bible, explaining that she wanted to tell her story.

Lila told how she went to a temple in Gujarat, where she had been living as a Hindu, and became a priest.

The next day, she was asked to lead a mass in the temple to honor her deceased husband.

The priest who was performing the mass was killed, and Lila was forced to leave the temple.

She became a monk.

She moved to a monastery in the city of Ahmedabad, where, after living there for a while, she married her cousin.

After a period of living in Ahmedabad for a few years, she returned home to Gujarat.

She returned to the monastery and married again.

After a few more years of marriage, Lilla married her brother, and the marriage was dissolved.

After that time, she began to live in Ahmedabadi, in the state’s north-western state of Gujarat.

“She started to teach, and she became a nun.

After three years of her teaching, she left the monastery,” the author told The Lad newspaper.

After she returned from teaching, Lava married a monk who was also her former teacher, and they lived happily ever after.

Lava, who was not a scholar, started teaching the next day.

She was later named as the second female monk in the history of the monastery.

In her book, the writer said she wanted her work to be read by people of all faiths.

She has also been known to teach children to be teachers, the Lad said.

She told the bible that she did not want to become a famous author, but wanted to write her story so that people would read it.

Lillav, the novelist said, was inspired by the story from the Bible, which said that God is all-powerful.

“When I first saw the story, I thought, ‘If only I was this powerful, I could do this,'” Lila said.

“I wanted to create a legend, a legend that would resonate in people’s minds.”

She said she had a vision of the world where she would be remembered and that she would become a hero in the future.

The Lad bible has more than 700 pages of her book.