The answer is simple.

You know the person.

It’s not necessarily that they have a degree in biology or geology.

But you can tell by their name.

That’s a pretty good clue, especially if they’ve read the news articles and blog posts on cryptozoological phenomena.

Here are some things to consider when you’re trying to identify a cryptomaniac:Do they have the same name as the cryptozoologists they study?

Does the name match the person’s appearance?

Are the two people connected?

Have they been together for a long time?

Are they related?

Do they talk about cryptozoologies on the same podcast?

Do the two seem to know each other?

Do they discuss cryptozoosology together?

Do the two show signs of being close friends?

Have they posted photos of themselves or other people on social media?

Is there a cryptolinguistic test?

What’s the age range of the two cryptomancers?

Do their parents share the same profession?

Does the person have a family history of mental illness?

Is their behavior odd?

Do their parents ever talk about their cryptozoophobia?

Do you know who they are?