A mystery shoper has found a mystery plane that vanished in an unusual manner in New South Wales, leaving her baffled and worried.

Key points:A plane was found in the remote north-east of the state on Tuesday nightThe plane had to be tracked by police to the nearest airportThe mystery shoppers plane, described as an antique jet engine, was spotted at night on a bushland at the foot of a mountain in the state’s north-westThe plane, which was discovered about 3.30am on Tuesday, is now at a remote location in the region.

Key facts:The plane was discovered in the north-eastern part of the country on Tuesday by a mystery shoeperA search team from the WA Police Air Investigation Unit flew to the area in a police helicopter.

The plane has a small propeller and is missing a wing.

The mystery jet engine was located by the mystery shoer after an hour-long search on bushland near the airport.

A team from Police Air Investigations Unit flew from the Perth Airport to the site, which has been closed to the public.

The search operation was aided by helicopter and police aircraft.

The police helicopter was used to track the plane and the aircraft was tracked to the closest airport.

It was believed the plane was heading towards Sydney, but the search is now being expanded to include the surrounding bushland.

Police said the search was being extended from the site to the surrounding area.

“It is believed that the mystery jet was travelling from Sydney to Sydney at the time of the disappearance,” a spokeswoman for the Police Air Unit said.

“At this stage the search for the aircraft remains ongoing.”

We would like to thank the community for their assistance.

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