An old mystery skull from the Irish Sea has been discovered, which was thought to have been destroyed by the Vikings during the Viking Age.

The skull was discovered off the coast of Ireland, off the northwest coast of Scotland, on Sunday by the Irish coastguard, the Irish Maritime Enforcement Agency (IMA) said in a statement.

The discovery was made on the shore of the island of Fintanan, off Fintaí in Fintanais, when a fisherman spotted the skull and noticed it was missing the jaw.

It had been stored in a wooden crate on the side of the boat.

The skull was not covered by any other clothing.

The Irish Maritime Security Agency (IMEA) is investigating the find, which is a small find, but one that has caught the attention of archaeologists and experts.

The IMA said the skull is not a Viking artifact and is likely from the period when Ireland was a Viking colony.

It has not been confirmed if the skull was a relic of Viking Age Ireland, however.

A search has been launched to find the remains of the skull.

It is not yet known where the skull may have come from.