An Australian archaeologist has uncovered an ancient treasure in a jungle.

The treasure was discovered by Australian adventurer Ben Kessel when he was walking in the forests of South Australia. 

Ben Kessel of the Great Northern Territory says he was searching for an ancient Australian burial place.

He says he stumbled upon the treasure when he went on a walk through the Great North Woods in South Australia last year.

The treasure is the oldest in the world, he says.

“It’s a beautiful find, it’s very impressive and I’m quite excited to get to work with the team to dig it up and put it on display.”

Ben Kesssel, an Australian archaeology researcher who lives in Sydney, says he found the treasure by accident.

He says he’s been searching for buried treasures for years.

Ben KESSEL: I was walking through the forest and stumbled across a bunch of rocks and a piece of copper, and I decided to take that and make a copper bowl, so it was just a small copper bowl full of gold and silver.

Then I went back to the car and I thought, well, I should probably just dig up the copper and put that in the bowl.

So I decided I would have the copper bowl and put in some other bits of copper and see what happened.

And I just went off and made a little bit of a mess of it, so that I could find a way to get it out.

When the bowl finally went back into the car I looked at the copper, I realised I could make a coin out of it and I was like, oh my goodness, I can make a piece out of this.

So I took it out of the bowl and threw it on to the ground.

Ben KESSELS Ben said it’s a pretty neat find.

I think it’s amazing, I’m very excited to find out more about the buried treasure.

In a nutshell, Ben Kessels discovery is that the ancient burial place was originally built for people and that people may have buried themselves here for a variety of reasons.

Bizarrely, there is no evidence of anyone having lived here for thousands of years.

Ben Kessing has been searching the Great Lakes area for buried treasure for decades.

We’re in a position to really explore the region and I think we’re going to have to do some exciting stuff.

To find this ancient burial site, Ben needed a special equipment.

It took Ben some time and a lot of luck, but he finally managed to find the location of the buried treasures.

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