A tale has surfaced of a strange and mysterious disappearance of a boy and his father.

The story of how a family of five went missing in the state of Maharashtra was reported by a local newspaper in March.

The boy, aged 13, disappeared in the town of Pune.

The case was registered by a police constable on March 26, according to The Indian Express.

The family of four members went missing on March 11.

The family was living in Pune’s Mughal Nagar area.

According to The Express, a police team visited the family home and found the boy in a room.

The police registered the case against them on the basis of information provided by a friend, who was present in the room.

The girl was taken to the Pune police station for questioning and later sent to the Mughals’ home.

On Monday, the family filed a police complaint against the constable who registered the missing persons case.

The constable was later arrested.

The investigation team has conducted a detailed investigation and found that the boy had disappeared on March 16.

His parents were living in an adjoining house and were missing.

The investigation has revealed that a man who was staying at the house has been seen visiting the boy, which was unusual.

Police have also found a notebook and an empty bottle in the house.