The first time I took my first driving test in January, I wore a helmet.

I’d never even driven a car before, let alone a motorcycle.

It wasn’t until I started to get my license plates on my helmet that I knew that I had just been put in a position to make mistakes.

The first time we took the test, I had to wait for the other driver to stop to let me in the car.

When we got in, he was texting and my heart was pounding so hard I almost lost my grip on the steering wheel.

The rest of the time, the car was driving itself, and I couldn’t keep my eyes on the road.

I had a pretty clear idea of what I was driving at the time.

I didn’t care that I was wearing a helmet, and it didn’t matter if I was behind the wheel or ahead of the wheel.

What mattered was that I couldn, at any given moment, look at the road ahead and not get behind the car I was in.

My first driving lesson was a little different than the next.

It was a new one, but the first lesson was very similar.

I had a little bit of experience behind the wheels.

I wasn’t the best driver in the class, but I knew what I needed to know to get myself safely on the highway.

That was the first thing I did when I took the exam.

The second thing I needed was to keep my vision up.

At the beginning of my driving test, the instructors asked if I wanted to wear a helmet for the entire test.

I looked at the instructors quizzically.

Did you know I was a first time driver?

And they didn’t know what to tell me, either.

When I got to the first lane, I started seeing other drivers in the lane, but didn’t want to get behind them because they were driving too fast.

That’s when the instructor told me to keep driving.

I drove the rest of my lane slowly and carefully, and then started seeing cars ahead of me.

The instructor told us to keep our distance.

And we kept our distance, driving through the lane in front of us, the first car in the line behind us.

When I got on the freeway, I didn’st even know if I had made a mistake.

I was just driving my car.

The next lane we crossed into was about halfway down the highway, and that’s when I noticed cars ahead.

I made a U-turn and then looked at them and asked them to wait, knowing they were going to be the first ones to pull out.

One car was ahead of my car, driving very slowly.

I pulled over to the side of the road and pulled into the next lane.

It looked very crowded, but as I looked out the window, I could see everyone driving very quickly.

Now that I’m in the middle of the freeway again, I’m wondering if this lane is safe for me to drive in.

The lane behind me is a little too narrow for me, and my eyes are wide open.

What are my options?

My first instinct is to keep going, and as I drive in that lane, my eyes stay wide open and I keep my head up.

I am trying to stay aware of the traffic and the other drivers around me.

My second instinct is not to drive, because I know I will end up being behind someone.

That means I have to look down and keep my distance.

The third instinct is that I want to slow down a little and not drive as hard.

My first thought is to slow, because this is my lane and I want everyone to stay where they are.

I need to think about the other people ahead of them.

But now I can’t.

If I try to accelerate, they can slow down.

If they slow down, I’ll slow down as well.

I can make a U turn and then slow down even more.

If anyone else slows down, then I have a lot of other options.

I have plenty of room to go around them, and if they slow, I can keep going.

That second thought keeps me thinking about how to pass them, but if I go too fast, I have no time to react and I won’t have time to make a turn.

My next thought is that if I try hard, I will be the last one to slow.

My car will start to slow as soon as I pass the last person, so I’ll have a big head start and I can get the car over the next person without anyone slowing down.

And my next thought would be to stay slow and keep going until I reach someone.

Then I have the last two options.

The first option is to wait.

The other option is just to keep moving.

The last option is slow