HINDI, India—When it comes to keeping cats away from mysterious bugs, India is not an exception.

But there’s a reason for that: India has a long history of keeping bugs away from cats.

In a way, the cat is the key to the mystery bug’s mystery.

In the early days of cat domestication, cats were kept away from the insects, but that practice has been around for decades.

The problem is that some bugs have evolved resistance to cats.

“It is not easy to find a cat with a resistance to a certain pest,” says Sanjay Bhalla, the senior scientist with the Cat Protection Centre, an NGO that works to help cats in India.

“There is a tendency among cats to keep the insects and bugs away,” he says.

For the cats, this is a dilemma.

They have to feed and groom their feline friends and sometimes they need to eat.

And because the bugs eat the food, it can lead to diarrhea and other problems, like lethargy and weight loss.

“They are very hard to keep away from, and I find it hard to do,” says Bhalla.

So cats have evolved a few strategies to keep themselves away from insects.

“We have put on a mask, gloves, masks and even earplugs to prevent them from eating our food,” says Narayana Khandelwal, the manager of the Cat Care Centre, a Mumbai-based NGO that is trying to provide free veterinary care to cats in the country.

“For cats, it is very difficult to keep pests away from them,” he adds.

India’s cat owners are among the most curious about bugs.

They often spend long hours staring at the bugs.

But in the end, the bugs get away.

“If you put the mask on, you can keep the bugs away.

But if you don’t, they will eat your food,” Bhalla says.”

For cats to be able to eat food, you have to put them in a situation where they can move freely, in a safe way,” says Khandelswal.

The masks have also been used to keep cats away.

When it comes time for the cats to eat, they have to move through a small area where they need their food to go.

And the gloves and masks can be used to cover the face.

“The gloves and the mask can help keep the cats away,” Khandelingwal says.

The cats don’t have to worry about bugs if they eat the meal.

In fact, some cat owners say they do it just to help the bugs to eat the bugs and avoid diarrhea and weight gain.

“I don’t know how the bugs are able to digest so much of the food that they get,” says Misha Chaturvedi, a retired veterinary doctor from Kolkata.

He also said the masks help keep them away.

But while the masks can keep insects away, they can’t keep the pests away.

The cat’s instinct is to chase bugs around.

So some cat-owners have resorted to using a mask to cover their faces and noses and try to keep them out of the cat’s sight.

And while it’s not the best solution, the mask has proved to be effective, Khandingwal says, noting that the masks have been widely used in India for years.

“We have been trying to develop a mask that will help us in our attempts to keep our cats away, but it has not worked out yet,” he said.