It’s been a while since we’ve heard a “murder mystery” movie.

But that’s changing.

In recent years, the genre has seen a resurgence in popularity, thanks to genre-bending thrillers like Murder on the Orient Express, The Exorcist, and the recent remake of The Exterminator, which opened this past weekend in the United Kingdom.

These movies often feature a detective or other law-enforcement agent who’s investigating a murder while uncovering a much bigger mystery—usually involving more than one person.

In the case of Murder on The Orient Express and The Ex-Terrestrial, the film stars Jennifer Aniston and Dede Gardner as the lead roles.

It’s not just a matter of casting, either: The films also get their fair share of high-profile endorsements from directors like Robert Zemeckis, Ridley Scott, and Peter Jackson, and a number of high profile movie stars. 

But there’s also another side to the story.

Some movies—like The Exteriors—are simply good films that are good films.

Others—like A Few Good Men—have been a bit more divisive.

In this case, we’ll look at each of these films and try to figure out why the “murphy mystery” genre has been so popular in recent years.

The Murder Mystery The murder mystery genre started with a simple premise: A group of young men in a small town in the late 1980s (or early 1990s) find themselves in a house they think is haunted by a dead woman.

After investigating the house, they discover that it is actually a murder-suicide.

The story begins with the young men, led by an ex-con named John, and their friend, played by David Cassidy, being stalked by a group of white people.

The two eventually arrive at the home of the white family, who have been evicted from the house and are now trying to get the man to move out of the area.

The family then starts to suspect that the man’s dead and they want to know why he’s gone.

John and his friends decide to follow him, and as the chase continues, they meet the man in the house.

Cassidy plays the white guy in this scene, and he’s very good at the part, especially given that he played the same character in several other movies that are still popular today. 

A few years later, John and Cassidy find themselves involved in a murder investigation.

John has been charged with the murder of his ex-wife and the murder in question—but it’s his cousin who was the last to see the woman alive, so he’s going to go after him, too.

Cassidy is great at playing a character like this, especially if he has a good, complex, complex backstory, but sometimes his performance is overshadowed by the character.

It was also around this time that The Exterminationist (1983) was released, which brought the murder mystery story to the screen.

The Exo-Men, an exoskeleton-wearing robot, and his crew of exoskeletons, are trying to save the planet from a giant alien threat called the Exterminators.

The main plot is about John’s ex-girlfriend, whose name is Sarah, and her boyfriend, a former member of a military team known as the Exterminationists.

The first scene of the film is John and Sarah confronting a group that has been sent by a secret government agency to help the Exxterminators save the world. 

The Exterminationism The Exterminationist is the most well-known of the killers in the film.

The film has been credited with introducing the genre to a wider audience, and many fans credit the film with helping bring about the rise of the murder-mystery genre.

There are many theories as to why the Exo killers got their start.

In fact, there are a number that I’m sure have nothing to do with the Exorcism movie itself.

In The Excision (1984), a female exosuit-wielding killer is on the loose and trying to wipe out her former lover. 

There’s a popular theory that it was because of The Apartment (1985) that the Ex-Terminators were created.

That film, directed by the late Robert Wise, had a plot line similar to that of the Exodus story. 

However, The Apocalyptic was a fairly low-budget film that was released in the summer of 1985, so there was no direct connection to the Excision.

The Apocalys are also known for having a big cast: Jennifer Anastassi is the only one who is in the movie.

She plays a young woman who joins up with the team to hunt down the killer.

The character of Sarah is a character that was created for the film, but the Exos, in particular, wanted to have her back