Egyptian jets are again making regular runs from the Suez Canal into the Sinai Peninsula, where they have been battling Islamic militants since 2012.

In recent months, Egyptian jets have been flying over the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea in an attempt to halt the flow of militants and foreign fighters into Sinai.

The jets returned to their base in the Egyptian desert early Wednesday after an eight-hour layover.

The Egyptians have not disclosed how many jets they have returned from the Sinai, or the names of the countries they have flown into.

However, the number of planes that have returned has been increasing.

Last month, Egyptian authorities announced that Egyptian jets had returned from an eight day flight to Djibouti, the former colonial power of Djiboutsi.

The country also said that a Turkish F-16 jet had returned to the Black Sea port of Adder, in southern Turkey, on the same day.

Both flights came in response to the killing of a Turkish soldier by a group of Islamic militants in the southern city of Suruc last week.

The government says that it is fighting Islamic militants and that it has targeted dozens of foreign fighters, including foreigners who have fled to Sinai from Turkey.

Last year, the Egyptian military carried out air strikes on a number of foreign countries, including Libya, Syria, and Saudi Arabia, to stop the flow.