Mystery packages arrive from the UK and beyond every week.

Some arrive via post and others are sent via courier.

They can be difficult to track down, especially if the sender is not a reputable company.

If you’re a mystery package sender, here are some tips to help you find them.

How do I track down my mystery package?

The easiest way to track your mystery packages is to check the Post Office website.

You can use this service to track the postal address you received your package.

You should get an email containing the postcode from the post which will give you a detailed tracking number and the postal date of arrival.

If this is not the case, the postal office is not responsible for your package, so do not send it to them.

What to do if I received a package but it’s not from the correct address?

If you received a parcel from the wrong address, or the post was not delivered, contact the postoffice.

You’ll need to send a formal letter explaining what happened and explaining why.

If they have no further information, they may send you a refund.

You may also be able to use a postal refund voucher.

Do I need to return the parcel to the post?

The post office can’t return parcels for several reasons.

Firstly, if they believe they are the wrong parcel, they can take the parcel and return it to the sender.

The post may refuse to accept a parcel unless the sender has provided evidence of their address and a description of the parcel.

In some cases, a parcel is deemed to be lost if there is no sign of the sender or the sender’s address.

This can also result in a delay in receiving the parcel or sending it back.

Secondly, the post has a limited time limit to return parcels.

If the post closes its premises in a week, it will not be able return the package until the following Monday.

This means that if you receive a parcel within this week, you will have to wait until next Monday to return it.

You cannot use a refund voucher to return a parcel that has already been returned to the recipient.

What happens if my package is lost or damaged?

If your package has been damaged in transit, you should contact the Post office immediately.

You will need to attach the original letter or invoice and give them a detailed description of what happened.

They may then write to you to arrange for the parcel back to you.

Do not send the parcel by post.

If a parcel has been returned or damaged, contact a post office to arrange a replacement.

What do I do if the postman tells me it’s too late?

If the Postman says the parcel is too late, he means it’s only been sent once and it’s still awaiting arrival.

You might want to contact the local Post office for a refund if this is the case.

The Post Office may also tell you if they are busy.

If it’s possible to contact them, ask to see their address online.

The person responsible for the post should contact you.

What if my mystery parcel is returned but I didn’t sign the parcel?

If it is returned and it is still waiting to be picked up, the Post Offices Customer Care Team will contact you via the postal service to arrange the parcel’s return.

You won’t need to pay the delivery fee, but you’ll need a copy of the postcard you sent them.

If your parcel has not been picked up and you are still waiting for it, you can ask to speak to the Post Officer.

You could then take the package to a Post Office, where you could arrange a refund or exchange.

What should I do with the postcards I received?

These may not be returned if you have already paid for the postage and are waiting for your parcel to arrive.

You would need to give them to the person who sent you the package.

Alternatively, you could return them to them and ask for a full refund.

Can I buy mystery packages online?

It’s not possible to buy mystery packs online.

However, if you buy one online, you might be able get your package to arrive quicker.

If that’s the case then you’ll only need to ask the Postoffices Customer Centre to organise a refund for the courier or post office.

You don’t need a receipt to buy a mystery pack online.

Can you give me more details about my mystery packages?

You can ask the post Office to write a letter to you explaining what they found, what the problem was and how they’re working to fix it.

This letter will help you locate the package you want and will give the Post offices Customer Service Team the details of the problem.

You shouldn’t send a parcel with a missing letter unless you want to be left with the impression that your package wasn’t delivered.

How to contact your mystery parcel sender How can you contact your sender?

First, check the website for any other packages sent