A new mystery jet that’s been spotted in the sky over New Zealand is the latest in a growing list of the nation’s jets.

The Air NZ J-20 was spotted on Tuesday morning by two pilotless planes in the country’s south-west, and was spotted by the pilotless aircraft over Waikato.

Air NZ said the aircraft was seen at 10.30am local time (1630 GMT) and had no further details.

A photo posted by Air NZ (@airnz_air) on Feb 26, 2018 at 2:29pm PSTThe aircraft was flown by an Air NZ pilot, but the pilot and the pilot of the second plane did not know each other.

“I have a strong feeling it is not a regular jet and we will be checking that,” Air NZ’s aviation officer, James Purdy, said.

Air New Zealand said the jets were being examined by the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MCA) but no specific information was released.

“The plane has the capability to fly in a high speed, low-level area and to do it at the same time,” Air New Zealand’s general manager of commercial aviation, John Cairns, said in a statement.

“That would allow the aircraft to fly for several hours in an area of interest and also reduce the risk of a collision.”

“That capability to do that would be an extraordinary capability.

It would be a very difficult aircraft to track down.”

He said there were some issues with the aircraft’s flight management systems, but that the planes had flown safely in the past.

“This is a very rare occurrence.”

The two planes were also seen in the same area last week, with the pilot seen flying around the area, but no details were released.

Auckland University’s aviation engineering department was monitoring the aircraft, and said it was possible that a second pilot could have flown the plane.