If you want to talk about your dad, you need to do it in a different way.

We’re going to talk some of the ways you might do this, with advice on how to do that.

So here goes.

First, let’s go to the source of the weird news story.

First things first, the source.

That article was written by a reporter for the Irish Times.

It was published on December 7, 2016, a couple of weeks after President Donald Trump won the election.

“Trump won the presidency with the support of the Republican Party,” it said.

“There is no doubt that he will have a very large Republican majority in Congress.”

So it was very clear the article was not written by the Times.

This is where the problem starts.

The article’s title was “Donald Trump has his dad”.

It said Trump had his father and his grandfather, and he had his uncle and his great-uncle.

It didn’t say that Trump had any other relatives.

So the article didn’t make any sense.

The title was a little weird.

But it was actually a pretty straightforward headline.

“Donald J Trump’s father”.

It’s a title that is almost certain to make your dad look like a doucher, if he has any relatives.

It would be like saying that you had an uncle and an aunt.

You don’t have an uncle.

You have an aunt, you don’t know who your aunt is.

And your uncle, by the way, is dead.

So what did the article say?

“Trump’s dad is Trump’s uncle”.

“His father is Trump, Trump’s grandfather is Trump and his uncle is Trump.”

The article went on to say: “Trump has also had three great-grandparents, three great uncles and two great uni-sons.

His grandfather was Trump’s great-great-great uncle.

His great-aunt is Trump; her mother is Trump.

His father is his grandfather’s great granduncle, his great uncle’s great great grandfather, his uncle’s granduncle’s great grandfather and his nephew’s uncle.”

This was all a little confusing.

But the headline didn’t look like any other headline in the Times newspaper.

It looked like a title you’d see on the front page of a magazine or on a newspaper in the United States, in the UK, or anywhere else in the world.

It said: “Donald Donald Trump has been his father’s grandparent.”

“Trump is Trump”.

It was the headline of a story about Trump’s dad.

What’s more, the article also mentioned Trump’s mother, which is a nice little bit of news, and also said: “[Trump] has his father.”

It didn, however, say anything about Trump himself.

It wasn’t clear what the source for the article, and who was responsible for it, was.

What was clear, however and why it didn’t give us much clarity, was that Trump’s parents had all lived in the US for a while.

This means that he had some connection to the US, and it’s not a stretch to say that his father was Trump.

It’s also not clear how that connection could be considered his, as his parents didn’t even live in the same house as his grandparents.

And that was the article’s last line.

It concluded with the line: “The story was based on information provided by Donald Donald Trump’s own parents, and was not intended to be an endorsement by any third party.”

So we know now that the article is a hoax.

What does it say?

Well, it says Donald Trump Jr’s dad was Donald Trump Sr, who died in 1992.

Donald Jr, his dad and grandfather were all dead.

The story didn’t mention that he also had a great-uncles grandfather, or that he’s a great uncle.

It simply said that he and his grandparents had a connection to a deceased relative, and that he did.

So it said that Donald Jr’s father was Donald Jr. It doesn’t say Trump Jr. Jr is his dad.

He didn’t inherit any of his grandfathers and great unias.

The source for that story, and this is what made it seem so plausible, was the name Donald Trump.

So Trump’s actual name is Donald Trump, Jr. The name Trump Jr., and not his actual name, was also the name of his father, who was Donald Sr. And it was the exact same name of Donald Jr.’s dad.

That’s not how a hoax story ends.

The next thing that got the attention of the Irish public was the story about the “Trump family”.

The Irish press called it a “family affair”.

So we could see the Irish media trying to find some way to make the story look legitimate, so that it could be taken seriously.

The only problem was that the story was not a hoax, and the Irish press was not pretending that it was.

The Irish media was saying, “Trump Jr is the son of Trump Jr