A mystery box has been unveiled in the UK as the country’s most popular word, and it is a word that could soon make its way into English as well.

The word mystery, which is derived from a Germanic word meaning “to find out”, has become a household word for many people in the country.

The UK is also the country with the highest rate of mystery box sightings in the world, with a whopping 1.4 million people saying they had a box spotted by a family member or friend.

The discovery of a box has become the latest in a series of such sightings, with other news that could come to fruition this week.

It’s the first time since 2003 that a mystery box was seen in the English-speaking world, according to the BBC.

The British Museum has launched a new series of boxes that will feature items including an antique sword and a mystery book, which will go on sale on Friday, September 19.

A box has also been spotted in the US, according the Associated Press, and another mystery box is also to be spotted in New Zealand.

In addition to the boxes, the BBC reported that a number of new mysteries have been revealed in the last year.

Last year, a box was found in the woods in England, and this year a box of a book in Australia has also appeared.

The BBC reported the boxes will feature “items that could become household items”.

A mystery box in New York has sparked a national conversation about whether the word should be dropped from the vocabulary, while in the U.S., a book was found hidden in the middle of a family’s living room.

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The words mystery and box are considered part of the English language, and are considered to be the most common words in the United Kingdom, according Google.

The box that caught the world’s attention was spotted in St Albans, England, on Friday.

It was spotted by two family members who said they had come across it by chance.

The two children were on their way to school, and saw a box that appeared to be stuck in the tree.

“I said ‘that’s the mystery box, I want it’,” one of the children said.

The children were then able to pick it up and the box landed on the ground next to the family.

“The box was still in its box when we got home and we opened it,” the child said.

“It was a lovely surprise.

It had a little book inside.”

The mystery box appeared to contain a mystery novel and a book about a boy who has a special power that lets him find hidden objects in the house.

“We’re delighted that the British Museum is offering this book as an item to celebrate the discovery of the box, and we’re hoping to have a book of the same title to go on display at our local library,” the children’s teacher told the BBC .

“It’s an excellent opportunity to celebrate mystery.”