“No, it’s not a mystery,” said Catherine MacKinnon, who lives in Dublin and works as a costume designer.

“I’m not doing a mystery.

I’m just selling a dress.

I don’t make a dress.”

She added: “It was made by a very lovely, very talented lady who was making her own, which is fantastic.”

She said she has sold more than 100 dresses to date and is the biggest fan of the dress.

“It’s a great piece, it has so much charm, and it’s really nice.

It’s something that I’ve always wanted to make and wear,” she said.

Ms MacKinnie, who has two children, said she wanted to share the love of her craft with other people.

“I’ve been making and selling dress pieces for a long time, I’ve had the best customer service, I love it,” she explained.

“You can see it’s a lot of fun.

I really enjoy making them.

It just means a lot to me.”

And I’m very happy to share it with other women.

“Ms Mackinnon said her dresses have been sold on Etsy and she has also started a Facebook page for the dresses, where people can ask for her to make a replica for them.

Ms McKinnon said she does not plan to sell any more dresses and that the dress is still one of the best pieces she has made.”

The idea of making it again is not really in my mind at the moment,” she added.

Ms Martin said the dresses are not very expensive and the customers who have purchased them are generally satisfied with the quality.”

A lot of people who have bought them have bought it for their kids or grandchildren,” she stated.”

They want to wear it.

It makes a great dress, I have bought a few more to make them more comfortable.

“They can wear it and they can dress up.”

She has also created a dress for a friend of hers who is pregnant and plans to make another one for her in the future.