Mystery passengers have been spotted being escorted onto a flight from London’s Heathrow airport to Dubai, the Mail Online has learnt.

It is understood that some of the mystery passengers are women, aged in their 40s or 50s, who have been refused boarding by security officers after being spotted on CCTV in a passenger seat.

The MailOnline understands the airline has been forced to cancel the flight from Heathrow after one passenger said that a security guard was not allowing her to board the plane.

A spokesperson for Virgin said: “It is common practice for airlines to screen passengers on the flight.”

The airline has recently introduced new procedures to help reduce the number of delays and cancellations.

“The spokesperson said: “[The passengers] have been given a number of options to ensure that they can board the aircraft safely and securely.

“The airline has yet to respond to the MailOnline’s requests for comment.

A spokesman for London’s Metropolitan Police said: ‘We can confirm that there are no further reports of any incidents of passengers being denied boarding.’