The mystery woman in an old photo of a woman wearing a white dress is a ‘Tca’, according to the New York Daily News.

A woman was spotted wearing the dress at the end of May at the Newseum in Washington, DC.

The photo has been dubbed the ‘tCa’ by the paper.

A Tca is a term used to describe a type of fake identity, a person who uses another person’s name, image or likeness to claim a different identity or cause concern in the minds of those who know them.

The woman was identified as a man by local media reports.

The Daily News has not published the photo’s full name, but said the man is a retired security officer who lives in Pennsylvania.

The newspaper said he has worked for the FBI for almost 25 years.

The man was identified by his former employers as a former security officer at the Washington National Cathedral, according to a tweet by the church.

In the photo, the man wears a white coat, tie and bow tie with a black tie.

“Tca” is a slang term for a fake identity and is a name for a person to impersonate someone else.

It was popularised in the 1980s, when fake celebrity names began to pop up online, and people began to claim to be a person they were not.

The Tca phenomenon has since become a common sight in America, particularly among young people.

It has also been seen in Australia, where many people use a fake name to seek fame online.

A recent New York Police Department incident report stated that two people were arrested for allegedly trying to use the name ‘John’ to gain access to a woman’s apartment.

The police report said a female tenant had entered the apartment on May 6 with a fake Tca identity and told the man to use her cell phone number, according the Washington Post.

Police said the woman’s landlord notified the police when the tenant returned and said the tenant did not live there and the tenant was using the address as her residence.

The Post reported the landlord told the police the woman had been in the building for about two months, but did not provide further details about the incident.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police Department told the New Orleans Advocate that officers were called to the apartment building to investigate reports of a man using the Tca alias to gain entry to a female’s apartment and the man was arrested for impersonating a person.

The Advocate said the investigation found the man lived at the address in an apartment at 713 Washington Street, but that it was not clear why he was there.

‘TCA’ and ‘T-C’ The woman who appeared in the New Yorker photo has become a social media sensation, with people sharing their own photos and videos of her.

In one video, a woman in a dress is seen walking out of a New York hotel in the early hours of June 3.

In another video, she is seen at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington DC, with her arms wrapped around a woman and her hair in a ponytail.

In her Twitter profile, she describes herself as a photographer, and says she is from New York and works in a photo lab.

In a statement to the Daily News, the museum said it is aware of the photo.

The museum said they are working to find the source of the image, and will not be commenting further.

The National Museum in Washington said they would investigate the image.

ABC News’ Andrew Fazekas, Sarah N. Wojcicki, Michael Egan and Elizabeth Palmer contributed to this report.