Fox Sports reporter Alexi Amaral discusses a new mystery article The New York Times has an interesting story on UFOs, and it is not exactly an alien-free zone.

The paper says that some of the UFO sightings are actually from aircraft.

The report goes on to say that the phenomenon has been a “source of fascination for some time” and that there is some evidence to support that claim.

Here are the 5 tips that Amaral offers to the reader: 1.

If you can find the UFO in a remote area, you should.

The Times article is based on an interview with an astronomer and an amateur UFO hunter, who says that there are thousands of UFOs in remote areas.

They say that there may be “up to 50,000 in the United States” but that they can only find them in “a few hundred kilometers of space.”


It’s easier to find an alien object in a bright light.

According to Amaral, the brightest object that he has seen in the sky in the last year was a red “pandemic” flare in the southern sky.

That flare was visible at a distance of more than a kilometer, but he says that it is difficult to spot the object in the dark because the light is too faint.

The flare was also visible for a short period of time, but Amaral says that this is not evidence of a UFO.


The best way to see UFOs is in the darkness.

The light itself is usually not strong enough to make out the object.

The source of the light may be the moon or a constellation, but in the case of the flare, Amaral suggests that it may be an “explosion in the atmosphere of a nearby planet.”


If the object is large enough, it can be seen from space.

This is the reason why you don’t have to be looking at the object directly in order to find it, as it will be visible in the bright light of a space telescope.


The bright flare was a “plasma” object.

In fact, it could be a bright, glowing object that’s moving through the atmosphere, but it is important to note that it was not a normal flare.

The object was moving at a very fast rate and was moving with a speed that would make it difficult to see the object from a space station.

In other words, it was moving from the sky to the ground.

If Amaral’s description sounds familiar, it should.

In 2012, NASA released images of a mysterious bright object that was moving through space.

It is believed to be a flare, but a number of theories have been proposed as to why it was there.

Amaral reports that it appears to be “probably” an object of some sort that was “already moving around the sun” before it was detected.

It could be an orbiting space object, it might be a planet, it may have a huge meteorite impact.

Amar-al also says that the object was observed at night and in the daytime, and that it could possibly be an asteroid.

AmarAl says that he believes that this object is from the early stages of the solar system and is possibly a comet.

“The best way of looking for it is probably in the early solar system,” he said.

“But even if it’s a comet, you’re probably not going to see it in your backyard.”

The Times story was based on a person’s experience in remote Australia and in New Zealand, but the article goes on and on to state that some UFOs may be flying around the Earth at night.

It goes on as to say, “This is not the first time that a mystery object has been detected in our sky.”

Amaral then says that a person in the South American country of Ecuador has a similar experience with a UFO that was flying in the skies over the area where he lives.

Amarall says that one of his colleagues has had a similar UFO sighting.

In response to a reporter’s question, Amarals stated that this type of sighting was not unusual and that other people have experienced the same thing.

The questioner then asks Amaral about a mysterious UFO that came into the skies and landed in South America.

Amarals answers that he could not comment on the subject since there was no evidence of the object actually landing.

Amaraldes reply, “I have not seen it.

There are no sightings.

The only sightings that I’ve seen are from airplanes.

The people that I know have said that they’ve seen them and they have seen them in the same way that you have.”

The article also includes a quote from a member of the public who claims that they have witnessed a UFO hovering over the San Francisco Bay Area, while driving through a forest in California.

The person was not willing to give a name, but told the Times that the UFO “looked like a little jet plane.”

The person also told the paper that they saw a strange glow