James Patterson, the author of “The Book Of Unknowns,” has made his first appearance on the cover of a new mystery book published by the publisher.

“The Secret World,” a collection of short stories, was published by Random House on Tuesday.

The title refers to a world that Patterson describes as a place where “nothing is known and everything is known.”

It’s a world he created in a story he wrote in 2013, when he was a young man, before the internet made it easy to post stories online.

“When you start writing fiction, there’s a lot of expectation,” Patterson said in an interview on Wednesday.

And it’s the same story that I’ve been telling my story since I was in middle school. “

I wrote about a world where nothing is known.

The book, published by HarperCollins, is based on a mystery he wrote about in 2013. “

People have questions, and it’s all the same kind of thing.”

The book, published by HarperCollins, is based on a mystery he wrote about in 2013.

Patterson’s story, “The Night of the Hunter,” centers on a group of young hunters who decide to go into a nearby forest to hunt a mythical creature that they suspect of being responsible for their father’s death.

The hunters are sent out to hunt, and they soon find themselves drawn into a web of mystery surrounding a group called The Hunters, who are trying to track down and kill the creature.

The book is a “real-life version of the real-life ‘Book of Unknown’s,'” according to the description on HarperCollins.

The Hunters are a group in which Patterson’s father, a hunter named John, and a group who are searching for him are members.

The hunt for the “Book of unknowns” has taken on a life of its own, and Patterson has created a new genre of fiction based on his father’s hunting.

The novel’s title is an allusion to the novel by James Patterson’s dad, which was first published in 1999.

“My dad’s story was about this group of hunters, and this was the idea that if you wanted to find a book, you had to go to the forest and go into the forest, and if you found a book that didn’t fit into the story that you wanted, you were dead,” Patterson told CNNMoney.

“That idea of the book as a hunting game has been an inspiration for me.”

The story is about a young hunter named Billy, who goes to a remote cabin and meets a man named Sam who teaches him the way to hunt.

Billy later becomes an “artist” named Bob who becomes the lead hunter in the hunt.

The Hunter’s quest is to find the book.

The series follows a group that is trying to find and kill this mythical creature.

It’s the world Patterson created in his father-story.

Patterson said he hopes the book will help people learn more about his father.

“If you’re going to be a hunter, you’ve got to know the rules of the game,” Patterson explained.

“You’ve got the right tools, you know what to do with those tools, and you know when to use them.

And you know how to fight.”

“The book’s really about me,” Patterson added.

“It’s about the hunt and the story of the hunt.”

The books first story was written about 20 years ago, but the book is no longer being published.

“There was a time when I was very young, but I was a big fan of James Patterson.

So I wanted to tell my story,” Patterson’s daughter, Stephanie, told CNN.

“We’ve decided to put the book out to the world now because the internet is really making it easy.”

The HarperCollins cover was made by artist Tyler Brummett.