What if you could create an ad that’s not only visually stunning but also tells a story?

That’s the goal of new company Kino, which is using the NFL to help develop a creative platform for the Super Bowl and other sporting events.

The company is developing a unique ad format that allows viewers to “pay their own way” by participating in a “pay-what-you-want” campaign.

The concept is to “empower the consumer with a creative solution,” Kino cofounder and CEO Mark Koppelman said in a statement.

“It’s a smart, creative way to engage consumers in our world.”

The ad platform will be unveiled next month at CES in Las Vegas.

The goal is to make ads “unique, entertaining and easy to understand,” according to the company’s press release.

The first version of the platform will include “in-the-moment experiences,” “premium” video content and “a live chat to chat with consumers.”

The company said it will also allow consumers to “buy” content for their own channels.

The “pay what you want” concept also allows for “a pay-what you-want pay-once” program, according to a press release from Kino.

“This approach allows consumers to pay what they want for the content they want and the advertisers will be free to distribute the content for free,” the press release said.

“Customers can also customize their own content with ad options and monetization.

All of this will allow consumers and advertisers to monetize the platform, giving them control over the experience they want.”

The platform will allow advertisers to place ads in front of a large number of users for a fee.

For instance, if you place a “free” ad with a “live chat” to chat on your own channel, the ad will appear in front more than 10 million people.

Kino is also developing an app for the platform called the “Kino” that allows users to customize and personalize their channel.

It also has “paid-for-exclusive content,” which means you can make a channel “pay for a piece of content only to have it be shared on the platform for free.”

A new “Kini” product is also being developed that lets users create “paid videos,” according the company.

The Kini app, which launched this year, will allow users to create and personalise their channel with “up to 100,000 channels” and “exclusive video content,” according Kino’s press statement.

The platform’s platform also lets you “stream videos and create new channels.”

Kino plans to launch an app in the next few months to allow users “to easily create, edit and share their own video content, with an app-powered, premium interface that will allow for ad-free browsing and monetizing.”

Kinos “Pay-What-You-Want” ad is not the first attempt to make an ad platform for sporting events, according the Wall Street Journal.

The site reported last year that an ad company in Germany was testing a similar ad platform called “PayWhatYouLike.”

That project had to be shut down by its parent company after it became apparent the ad company had no way to compete with Kino for ad sales.

It was reported that Kino would be partnering with Google to launch its own ad-supported YouTube platform.

The Wall Street Post reported last month that KINO will work with Google and Facebook to bring its “Pay What You Want” ad platform to the platform in a way that allows “customers to pay for the entire product and content in the way they like.”

KINO’s goal is “to create a platform that allows consumers and marketers to monetise the platform and give them control of the experience,” according a press statement from the company that describes Kino as “a smart, smart way to empower the consumer.”

Kano’s first “Pay what you like” ad, which was shown to investors during its earnings call, is a commercial featuring a woman who was waiting in line for a ticket to the Superbowl.

She is seen wearing a pink shirt and heels, holding a “Free My Ticket” sign.

She later walks past a line of people and sees a man, wearing a red T-shirt, in a yellow “Pay It” shirt.

The woman then runs into the crowd of people.

The man says, “I’ll pay you for this!”

He then runs over to the woman and says, “…and I’m paying you for that.

It’s not free.”

The “Pay Your Way” ad campaign is being developed in collaboration with an ad agency called “Totem” and is being paid for by Kino users, according a release from the ad agency.

The ad company says it is working with “Totom” to “develop a unique video content experience.”

Totem has previously worked with “Kinos” in the past, including a video with the rapper Lil Wayne.

“The idea behind ‘Pay What