The Apple Watch has got an on-board navigation system on board that can be accessed via a special app.

Apple Watch models are available with a built-in navigation system that can also be accessed from the Apple Watch app, and some of them even have built-ins for the Siri app.

According to Apple Watch developer Scott DiSavino, there’s an Apple Watch feature that’s been added to every new model.

It’s called the AppleWatchNavigationKit, and it provides a “virtual navigation bar” on the watch face.

The bar provides on-the-fly navigation instructions for each app, including when you can and can’t get back to your phone.

It also provides “real-time updates” of where you are on the map.

Apple also said in the introduction video for the new model that it will include “navigation and task-based shortcuts for Apple Watch apps”.

Apple Watch features include on-device maps and navigation, as well as reminders to use your phone to search and perform other tasks.

DiSavino said that the new Apple WatchNavigation Kit will also include a special Siri feature, which will be added to all Apple Watch devices.

This feature will allow users to perform tasks from a virtual Siri remote and provide on-line reminders, as Apple has done in the past with its iPhone and iPad apps.

“The Siri app will be available on the WatchOS App, so that users can access Siri and Siri assistant directly from the Watch, or through a custom Siri app,” DiSavini wrote.

“Users can also integrate the Siri assistant with their existing Siri services.”

The Apple Watch will also have a built in “real time” weather forecast, which can also take advantage of the built-up on-watch data from Apple Watch, which is now the default setting on the new models.

The new Apple watchOS 6 app will also allow users with Apple Watch to have “on-screen controls on the screen”, so that you can access the information on the display of the Apple watch.

It also has an “Apple WatchApp”, which will allow developers to create a standalone watchOS app that can access data from the watch and Siri.

Apple Watch developers can also now access information on watchOS on their watchOS apps.

Apple will continue to make updates to watchOS for developers, with updates expected in the next few months.

Apple has been working on watch OS 6 since the release of the first version of watchOS 3 in late 2016.

It introduced a number of new features, including the ability to sync your Apple Watch with the iPhone, and the ability for developers to access on-site data from watchOS and Siri on their apps.