A mystery plane has a strange story of its own, and it’s now going to be the subject of a new CBC documentary.

A man who was driving around the Ottawa region on a Sunday afternoon in June of last year noticed a small plane hovering above the Ottawa airport.

“I said, ‘What is that?’ and he said, it’s a mystery jet,” said Chris Johnson, who lives in Ottawa.

The plane had just left a field in rural Ontario when it suddenly went silent, and Johnson couldn’t make out what it was.

It took several hours for the pilot to get the plane’s registration number and the pilot’s name, but he did eventually identify the plane as a Boeing 737-800.

Johnson said he’s been flying a few hours a week since, but that’s not how he was originally introduced to it.

“It’s a very unusual aircraft,” Johnson said.

“The pilot, his name was Chris Johnson and it was his first flight.”

Johnson said his friend was driving by the field on a motorcycle and saw the plane and told him to keep it in mind.

“He said, look at that, I’m going to call the police,” Johnson recalled.

Police arrived at the scene and found the plane parked at the airport.

They later found a photo of the plane on Facebook.

“They were very surprised to see that there were no markings on the aircraft that they might have noticed before,” said Ottawa Police Const.

Chris Nunez.

It was at the police station that the police learned that the plane had actually been registered to another person.

“We went over the vehicle registration and it actually matched the one that he had registered,” Nuneaz said.

Johnson believes the plane was actually the work of a man named Richard Gaudette.

The man who purchased the plane, Richard Goudette, had lived in Canada for more than 30 years and was a pilot in his own right, but had only been flying planes for the past few years, Johnson said, adding he hadn’t noticed the aircraft until the police showed up.

“Richard had been flying these planes for 30 years,” Johnson explained.

“And so when he found out that the registration had changed, he didn’t know what to do.”

When he found it out, he was very upset and said, well that’s my airplane.

So he got in touch with the police, who went through the paperwork to see if they could find the registration, and they went over it and they found the registration and the name.

“Richard Gaudett was also the owner of the Flying Fish Shop in Ottawa, which was located in a small rural community, but Johnson said that Gaudet’s plane was his “biggest source of income”.”

He made a lot of money off of his business, which is a pretty big deal for somebody that was a big guy,” Johnson added.

Police are now asking anyone with information about the plane to contact Ottawa police at 613-236-1222.