Mystery of The Mystery Dungeon: The Return of the Black Mage, the new series, debuts on Netflix in September 2018.

A show set in a world where the supernatural is real, the show is about a group of teenagers who set out to defeat a group called the Shadow Guardians and restore their homeland.

It will be followed by The Shadow Guardians: Dark Days, which follows the adventures of a group who is fighting against the Shadow Guardian.

The series is also set in an alternate universe, the world of The Shadow Guardian: Dark Times.

The first two episodes of The Return, which stars James McAvoy as the lead character, will be released on Netflix this September.

The other episodes will be shown in November and December.

The Return also stars Emma Stone, Bria Vena, David Thewlis, Kealia Ohai, and Jack O’Connell.

In addition, the series is written and directed by Alex Kurtzman, who also directed the feature film The Last Jedi.

The show is being developed by 20th Century Fox Television, which also produced the film Star Wars: The Last Movie.

The return of The Black Mage series follows the first three episodes of the new show.

The Black Mages have been at war with the Shadow Kingdom for centuries, but their reign of terror has come to an end.

The new series follows them as they try to restore their people’s glory and reclaim their homeland, where they have hidden the secrets of the black magic.

It’s the first time The Black Magic has returned to the series.

In The Return series, the main characters are teenagers who are being held prisoner in the mysterious prison called the Black Labyrinth.

They are the only ones who have access to the prison, which is home to thousands of evil beings.

The prison is filled with strange creatures, including the Shadow Legion and the Black Golem, which the teenagers can only defeat with their power of the Dark Magic.

The two main characters in The Return are the mysterious Raven (Emma Stone) and her friend, Alex (Bria Vna).

Alex is the best friend of Raven’s and has a knack for saving people.

Raven has a special bond with her and she believes that they are in love.

Raven and Alex are the most powerful beings in the prison and can use the Dark Arts to do amazing things.

They also have an extremely deep love for one another, and Raven and her friends believe that they will become one of the greatest heroes in the history of the world.

The cast includes James McArthur, Kaela Harkness, Jai Courtney, Tessa Thompson, John Boyega, Tye Sheridan, and Bria Vandena.

The second season of The Dark Times is also slated to be released in October 2018.

The plot of the series follows a group that has been fighting the Shadow Heroes in a war for centuries.

They have been locked up together in the Black Library, where the only knowledge of the Shadow Knights is that they fight the Shadow God.

The Shadow Knights, known as the Shadow Masters, are a group led by a man named the Black King.

They fight to protect the knowledge of dark magic, but when a member of the Brotherhood of Darkness attacks them, they are forced to confront the darkness themselves.

The next series, The Shadow Masters: Dark Ages, will focus on the Brotherhood’s leader, Lord Lopf.

The original series will also return, with new characters such as the Black Queen and The Black Princess.

The last series, titled The Shadow Lords: Dark Age, will follow the story of the two Shadow Knights who have been battling the Shadow King, a creature who has emerged from the darkness and is the source of all the darkness.

The characters of The Shadows are not named in this series.

There is a story that has also been kept secret.

The Shadows, as they are known, are an ancient evil force, which was created when the Darkness tried to seal the world to itself.

The Dark Lords created the Shadows to fight against the darkness once they were sealed in the Dark Library, but the Darkness had an even bigger plan.

They were determined to make the Darkness a living weapon and to use it to destroy all life on the world and to rule over all of the darkness, which they call the “Dark Gods.”

This was their plan all along, and they wanted to use the Darkness to destroy the world, including their own.

The stories behind the new shows and the original series have been kept from the public.

A Netflix spokesperson said the company was looking into the shows, and would provide more information as it became available.

A release date has not been announced for the first two seasons of the shows.

The Netflix spokesperson told Al Jazeera that Netflix was working with Netflix’s executive producers and studios to find a way to ensure that the new episodes of Mystery of Mystery Dungeon are exclusive to the service.

“Netflix has always been committed to making the most of the best