Hacker News has been taken down for the second time in a week, according to the website’s administrators.

The disappearance comes after the site’s administrators had said the website was not accessible due to the ongoing investigation into the hacking of their servers.

In an announcement on Wednesday, the administrators said the site had been taken offline due to a technical glitch that they said could not be fixed and that the website had been suspended for maintenance.

The news comes a week after a mysterious news website known as ‘Mystical News Today’, which had been a mainstay on Hacker News for several months, was taken down by a cyber-attack, leaving a large number of users unable to access the website.

The hacker group behind the attack claimed responsibility for the move, and in a post on Wednesday afternoon, the hackers described the closure as a “massive failure”.

“We did not expect to be hacked in such a short period of time, and it’s sad to see that we’re not the only ones to suffer,” the hackers wrote in the post.

“We are working hard to restore the site in the coming days, and hope that this time it will be much better.”

“Mystics” has been a staple on Hacker “News” for more than a year and has attracted a large online following.

In the announcement on Tuesday, the website administrators said that “mystics news” was down because of an issue with its hosting.

They said that the problem had arisen because of a security breach, which had left the server unable to support a number of requests.

Hacker News said in a statement that it had been “caught in a data breach”.

“The server has been compromised, and the data stolen is no longer on the site,” the site said.

“As we’ve been notified, we have taken steps to restore access to the site, but we will not be able to guarantee its availability for long.”

Hacker News is one of several websites which have been targeted by cyber-criminals in recent weeks.

Earlier this month, hackers stole thousands of user data from the site.

In March, hackers claimed to have stolen user data belonging to the social media platform LinkedIn, a move which was later disputed by the site owner.