Mysterious sounds from space are making headlines again, this time in an Australian court.

A man from New South Wales, Australia has been charged with conspiracy to destroy property after allegedly trying to destroy the sound recordings from his satellite radio equipment.

The man, whose identity is being kept a secret, is accused of destroying the recordings by installing a microphone on a satellite that had been broadcasting on his device.

He has been arrested in Australia and has been remanded in custody until March 10, when he is due to appear in court for his bail hearing.

An Australian court is hearing a claim by the man against the Federal Government that it failed to respond to the man’s requests for a court order to protect the sound from the satellite’s satellite feed.

The sound recordings are being used by an Australian law firm to defend the man who claims the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) did not respond to his requests for protection of the sound.

The court case has not been reported in the Australian media.

The Federal Government’s response to the claims was issued last year, but was not made public.

It said the Federal Minister for Communications and the Federal Court’s decisions in relation to copyright and satellite broadcasting “do not change the fact that Australia has a legal system that protects both the right of privacy and the right to communicate information”.

A spokesperson for the Attorney-General’s Department said the Government would “continue to provide advice to Government as it works through the issues raised by this matter.”