It’s been over 40 years since a tree in the London suburb of Hackney was hung from a branch by a man who believed it contained a secret message.

It was hung in the autumn of 1986 but it has only now been uncovered that the message was actually a hoax.

The man who hanged the tree, Anthony Gough, was known for making up stories about being a secret agent who was supposed to be hidden in the tree’s bark.

The hoax was reported to the police but no charges were brought.

After Gough died in 2008, it was revealed that he had not been arrested and that the hoax had been perpetrated by a second man, Paul Haggs.

The real story The real secret agent was actually Gough himself.

It took two years for the hoax to be investigated and Gough was finally arrested in 2011.

Gough had been living in Hackney for more than a decade.

He and his wife were on a holiday with their children when they noticed that the Christmas tree in their suburb was missing.

The couple contacted the Hackney District Council and were told that it was up for sale.

They then took the tree and set it up as a gift for their daughter.

However, within months of setting up the tree Gough and his accomplices were seen hanging it from the tree in a manner that would have been impossible in the 1970s.

“He was a very, very good actor,” said a source who spoke to the Hackneys.

“They had all the right ingredients for a prank.

You could see they knew exactly what they were doing.”

They were able to find out a lot of the information about the tree from the local police.

“It was an easy thing to do.

He just wanted to make something up.

And he had a lot to say.”

Gough’s mother told the BBC that she had known her son since she was a young girl.

“My son used to tell me stories of being in the army.

And that’s all it was, stories of doing something,” she said.

“I used to be quite amazed when he was telling me about his exploits as an actor, and I thought, ‘My goodness, he’s not that bad.'”

After hanging the tree for a few days, Gough decided to return to Hackney and told his neighbours that he wanted to get a Christmas tree.

The neighbours had heard of the tree but did not know what it contained.

Goug was able to get the owner of the HackNEY branch to remove the tree.

Guffers wife found out later that it contained an old newspaper article that was sent to her from the US.

The article had been printed in a newspaper in London and was signed “Agent Paul Hogg”.

The next day the Hackery was contacted by a couple who were on holiday in the UK.

The newspaper article had told about a secret society called the Groucho Club and that Hogg was a member of the secret society.

“There was no one in the club but Paul Higg,” said the source.

Guffner’s secret agent “When they got home, they found out that the tree was still there. “

The whole world thought it was a real secret society.”

Guffner’s secret agent “When they got home, they found out that the tree was still there.

They took it apart and found out the truth about the secret.”

“It said that Paul Higgs was a secret soldier, but he was really an actor and a good actor.

He’d done many things.”

Hogg went on to become an actor who appeared in such films as The Naked Gun and The Longest Yard.

Gaffer added that it took some time for people to accept the truth.

“People would look at the tree with the fake letters that he’d put in it, and they’d say, ‘That’s a bit much.’

But they would all say, if you look at Paul Houg, he has this big smile, he is a great guy.”

“So he was a little bit surprised when he found out it was real.”

The mystery solved It was a simple prank.

But after years of investigating the story, police in Hackneys suburb have found out what really happened.

“We were able now to put it all together and that’s what really put an end to it,” a Hackney council officer said.

GOUGH: A man with an IQ of over 100 was the creator of the prank and a “great actor” who was a “good guy”.

He had been an actor for many years.

“When he was about 15, he was sent off to the US, and he did a lot in New York,” the Hackleys detective said.

When he returned to the UK, Goug decided to become a magician.

“Paul Gough has been involved in many things,” the detective said, “and he has been an excellent magician.”

The magician was not the only one to get involved with the prank. “As soon