Mashable article Mystery Science Theatre 3000 returns to the UK this month, and it’s back with a new episode of its first live show in over a decade.

The show returns on April 20th to The Stage at The Forum in London.

The episode, called “The Unspeakable”, was filmed and edited by John Sutter, who also directed the first episode of Mystery News in 2010.

It features guest appearances from David Hasselhoff, Bill Burr, and Matt Groening, among others.

It’s available to watch now on the UK’s YouTube channel.

The new episode, titled “The One”, will be the first time we see a new character in the show’s first three seasons.

This week’s episode will also see the return of the Mystery Science Opera Theater franchise, and the show is looking to return to The Comedy Shop in 2019.

In 2017, the show was revived for a new three-season run.