Posted September 29, 2018 8:42:49It’s not often that a show takes a different approach to the mystery of the missing pet.

The series, about a family’s attempt to find a missing pet, was originally filmed in Florida.

Then a film of the series was released in theaters, which gave the series a unique twist.

But when the series premiered on September 22, 2018, it became clear the film had not been the original source.

Instead, the film’s director, John D. Anderson, and star, Kaley Cuoco, made an official claim.

The original film was not a documentary at all, they said, but rather a re-enactment of the original events.

And while Cuoco didn’t reveal the exact sequence of events that led to the pet’s disappearance, she did say she wanted viewers to know the filmmakers wanted to show “the real story.”

But the documentary is not the only twist.

After the filmmakers realized that the pet would have been a stray, they filmed a series of events to show why that would be so.

First, they interviewed the woman who found the pet.

She said the dog was a stray.

Then they went to the home of the woman’s daughter.

They took pictures of the dog and her daughter.

Then, they drove to the man’s house, and they took photos of the man and his daughter.

The man told the filmmakers that he saw a dog in his yard the day he found the dog.

They also filmed the man trying to feed the dog, but was unable to get his hand on the animal.

Then the filmmakers filmed the woman, who said the cat’s owner told her that she was “the owner of the cat.”

And finally, they had the man take the pet to the vet, where he had to put it in an animal hospital for four days before the vet found the animal in good health.

“We were actually able to get the pet out of that facility on the fourth day,” Cuoco told EW.

“That was a little difficult because we had to make sure it wasn’t infected.”

The filmmakers have since taken their pet back to the family’s home, and Cuoco said the family has taken a “moment of closure” about how it ended up in the wrong hands.

“I don’t think anyone will ever be able to put this behind them,” she said.

“This has been such a huge shock for them.”

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