New York Daily News reporter Jessica McEvoy published a photo Thursday morning of a woman who she said appeared to be a missing person from her own personal social media page.

McEvoy tweeted that she was not sure how she had gotten the photo.

The woman’s name was not immediately released.

She also tweeted the photo of the photo, but it had not been updated to include her full name.

The photo of an unidentified woman, with the caption “Who are you?” was taken Thursday morning at 6:36 a.m. and shared by @jessicafreeman, who is also a @NYDailyNews reporter.

McDevoy tweeted about it: “I am in the process of researching this photo.

Is this a real person?”

The woman has not been seen or identified.

She has not commented on the photo on social media, nor has she mentioned her identity.

McGowan also tweeted that a person who could be the woman was not answering her messages, and that she had been “pursuing a story.”

She said she was pursuing a story, which she called a “tca.”

McGowans story was a good one.

I think I’m a good journalist.

I’m an investigative reporter.

I do good reporting.

But, in this case, I had a lot of questions about the person who took the photo and the photo is not a picture of me.

McMcGillis has also tweeted about the photo since the photo was published.

McGregor tweeted: “@NYDailynews I have been working on a story that is a tca, and I think this is it.

I will have no further comment on this story.”

McGregors Twitter account has been taken down.