The Mystery Dungeon was one of the first games to be released on the Game Boy Color and its sequel, Mystery Dungeon: The Second Quest, in 1991.

Its popularity has only grown with the release of its sequels and third game, Mystery Quest, released in 1996. 

The game’s popularity also spread to the Nintendo DS, which launched in 2007 and was ported to several other systems. 

However, since its release, there have been rumors of a “final” version of the game’s story, a plot to resurrect the game and a possible release date. 

“We are excited to announce that Mystery Dungeon is coming back to the GameCube,” says Nintendo.

“With this news, we hope to get fans excited about the return of the classic adventure game.

We are excited that the game is being remastered for the Wii U, and look forward to sharing more information as soon as it becomes available.” 

The Nintendo DS release date was pushed back to April 2015, though.

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, director of the original Mystery Dungeon, Mike Grell, confirmed that the sequel is still in development and will come to the console in 2020. 

So, what’s the difference between Mystery Dungeon and the first game? 

“I don’t think it’s really about the game,” Grell said.

“It’s about the story and how the player will be brought back to that place. 

What we have is a lot of elements that are very familiar to us, but with a modern twist. 

We wanted to create a story that was very exciting, that was unique, and that really was unique to us. 

I don [think] there’s any other way to describe it, it’s like the original game in terms of how it was told, but we’ve also got some elements that you’ll remember, like the dungeon. 

It’s the same way that when you’re in the dungeons of the old games you were always exploring, but in the new game it’s all about the treasure. 

This is an adventure game that you can play for hours and hours. 

You can have this sense of exploration and you’re not locked in to the storyline. 

That’s one of my favourite things about it.” 

What does Grell mean by “we’ve got some” elements from the original? 

“[The original] is about finding a way back to this place where you’ve gone a long time without having any contact with anybody. 

There’s this sense that you’re missing the people around you, you’ve lost them, you’re lost, so you’re trying to get them back and you have to figure out who’s there, where they’re at and where they’ve gone. 

They’ve come back and they’ve got their hands full and there’s some sort of story that they’ve come to and it’s not all there yet. 

But I think that’s something that we’ve come up with as well, we’ve got this great feeling of exploration, and it feels really good. 

And I think the adventure game thing that’s been in my mind a lot is what we have in there and that’s the way that we want it to be played. 

 What do you hope fans of the series will take away from the new remake? 

Well, I think they’re going to be very excited to get a chance to see it again, they’re really going to enjoy it. 

If they can get in to that, they can feel like they’ve been there, and they can look forward and see what the new gameplay is going to bring to the series. 

Are you excited for fans to be able to experience the remake for themselves? 

Yeah, I hope so. 

How long will it take to get the remake out? 

It will be a long process. 

When did you first get the idea to do the remake?